Clinch-Powell teams up with Glenmary Volunteers

Clinch-Powell has developed a new partnership with Glenmary Home Missioners, a ministry of the Catholic Church serving rural America. Glenmary has recently established a mission retreat on Joppa Mountain Road with the purpose of bringing their services to Grainger and Union County. College students and staff from the group have assisted Appalachia CARES / AmeriCoprs member, Jeff Stidham, with tearing down a condemned home in Union County so that the land can be used to provide a home ownership opportunity to an area family. We look forward to partnering with this great group of young people on other projects in the near future. For more information on Glenmary Home Missioners, visit their website at You can find more pictures of this project when you visit the Clinch-Powell Facebook Page.


Share your magazines!

Share your magazines! Read them, and pass them on. Goodwill, the Kidney Foundation and other used goods collection agencies will usually accept them. You can also pass them along to a doctor's office for the waiting room if they are still current issues. To eliminate even more waste, sign up for magazine subscriptions on your iPad, tablet or Kindle.

Housing Word of the Month: Closing Costs

If you have ever bought a home, you have probably heard the term "closing costs" or "settlement charges." For those of you not so familiar with the home buying process, closing costs are the expenses over and above the price of the property that buyers and sellers normally incur to complete a real estate transaction. These costs include loan origination fees, appraisal fees, title searches, title insurance, surveys, taxes, deed-recording fees and credit report charges. They are necessary, but they can certainly add to the total cost of your home purchase.

HOME Ownership Opportunities in Morristown

Clinch-Powell wants your input! We intend to apply for a grant to rehab houses in Morristown to improve the energy efficiency and repair any substandard systems in the house. The houses would sell to qualified lower income families with 100% loans. To qualify, you would need an annual income of roughly $18,000/yr and the payment would be about $452/month (including taxes and insurance).

Helping our neighbors

Are you ready for this week's success story? Here we go:

A client of CPRCD was working as a home health CNA but her hours kept getting cut back which made it hard for her. Through the work of the Clinch-Powell Home Team and the Hardest Hit Fund, she was approved for 3 years of payment assistance; total funds allocated are $35,013.35. It has been a long road but it is so worth seeing her smile and say "Clinch-Powell Home Team was a life saver for me and my family! They were my voice. They were my wonderful and passionate advocate. They made me feel empowered."

Henderson Chapel AME Zion Methodist Church: A Picture of Resilience

Written By: Elizabeth Grisham

Appalachia is rich in beauty and culture. There is no place quite like it, and for centuries lives here have woven together, like squares on a quilt, to create a patchwork image of the triumph and hardship; the victory and adversity that make up the human story. As our Nation celebrates Black History Month, we would like to take a moment to reflect on a remarkable piece of East Tennessee History that played out here in Grainger County, only a few feet away from our beloved Bryan House: The History of Henderson Chapel AME Zion Church.

Home Team Experience Survey

The purpose of this survey is to provide clients with an opportunity to voice their opinions and collectively influence decisions made by the Home Team program.

Introducing The Bryan House Buzz!

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