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Homebuyer Pre-Purchase Counseling

Clinch-Powell RC & D’s Homebuyer Pre-Purchase Counseling program is for anyone who is interested in owning their own home.  Some of the people who participate in this program do so because they already have a house or a loan for a house elsewhere, other people continue on with Clinch-Powell RC & D past this program and into our Home Development program.

The Pre-Purchase Counseling program begins by taking a look at a person/couple’s housing goals and what they have done thus far to prepare for homeownership.  Then a face-to-face meeting is scheduled to discuss the contents of the client(s)’s full credit report, the contents thereof, and discuss what steps should be taken in the future.  The objective of this program is meet people where they are at this moment, and help them work towards achieving their housing goals.  Because this program works with individual people/couples, there is not a set program outline; the time and activities of the Homebuyer Pre-Purchase Counseling program vary from person to person.  

Click here to download a Preliminary Homebuyer Pre-Purchase Counseling program intake packet

Tips for successful Home Buying:

  • Determine your buyer Readiness: Make sure that you are ready to buy a home by considering things such as credit standing, budgeting, income and savings.
  • Learn who you will work with during the process: Leanders, Attorneys, appraisers, surveyors, real estate agents and home inspectors are some of the players in this process.
  • Learn how to maintain a good credit record: Learn how to read your credit report in order to assess homebuyer readiness.
  • Be informed: There are many things to hearn about buying a home such as down payments, interest rates & Closing costs. You will learn to shop for the loan that fits your budget.
  • Be a successful homebuyer: A new home is a big change and you can learn to respond to the change. You can learn to budget your money carefully so that monthly payments can be met promptly to avoid things such as bad credit or foreclosure and to have enough money for maintenance and repairs.