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Chances are that spending some quality time with our finances may not be on the top 10 fun things to do for most of us! As our minds dream of Spring and new beginnings, take advantage of this free workshop series presented by our Lakeway Opportunity Center. Tax time is the best time to make some Money Moves! Contact or call 865-828-3121 and register today for these free live virtual workshops!

What's New?

Financial stability workshop

The Lakeway Opportunity Center will be providing a free workshop focused on strategies for building long term financial stability.

The Lakeway FOC: One Year Later

It has been one year since Clinch-Powell launched its latest program, The Lakeway Financial Opportunity Center.

At Clinch-Powell we believe every person deserves to live in a healthy and vital community where families are strong and the environment is clean.

It is our mission to build strong, sustainable communities by investing in people, housing, ecotourism and conservation of natural resources. We accomplish this through partnerships, direct investments, financial education and counseling, and by providing housing solutions, primarily in Tennessee.

Clinch-Powell is an equal opportunity employer and provider. Click here for our non-discrimination statement.